The ALTernate method?

Buy sneakers in Australia?

Australian sneakers are basically unheard of on the world scale. Go on.. name one?

Nike sell roughly 25 pairs of shoes a second, Adidas made 21.92 billion euros in net sales over 2018 and Nike made more than that in just profit in that year.. Stats like this are just insane to wrap your head around and its hard to believe sneakers and sports shoes have grown so intensely lately. This is the help of many things from Olympians, word of mouth, eCommerce and more. 

To the average shoe store aiming to reach these heights is nothing but a pipe dream stemming from 10's of years of selling shoes out of the back of your car followed by finally building a store and making that unique brand. We at ALT aim to do things a little bit differently. With the rise of hypebeasts, sneakerheads, internet sales and the ability to use social media we aim to constantly supply not only the  best shoes but also create a brand that can be recognized on a mass scale, but how you may ask?

Research is the first thing we are delving into. We already have great shoes and are working on marketing our own shoes with unique styles and branding, but we want much more than that. How did Nike grow? How did any big shoe companies grow? and most importantly, how did any Australian branded sneaker stores hold their own in such a widely dominated market? This is easy.. they didn't.

Australian shoe stores have done well like Alias Mae or Tony Bianco for example, but they aren't sneakers. Aussie sneaker stores hardly scratch the surface of being noticed and the reason is because no one is doing it. Even if we were to make shoes out of kangaroo or some sort of material you've never heard of, trying to catch up to the big leagues is a massive feat and no one in Aus seems to want to take that leap.

We are willing.

Over the next 6 months we aim to create even more of our own shoes with fan made designs and a quality that matches the best. Our aim is not to make an industry standard or a good brand, our aim is to make the best and have them available in store and online worldwide. We want your ideas and designs as we grow so that we can happily make fan made customs because we just love sneakers!! We want to show everyone just how to make a dent in the market and hopefully make Nike sweat a little bit. SO check our brand, give us feedback and tell us your ideas because we are growing and you can say in 5 years you helped an Aussie brand take over the market ;)



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