Sneakering Away From The Corona Virus


Finally the majority of our parcels have been sent and we thank you for the customers that stuck it out with us and held on to get their packages. If you're waiting on the Evangelists, we have new's they have been cleared and will be sent very soon.

Now onto the the good news.. Brett has moved to Sydney! We will be growing the business together and working on making this brand something memorable over the years. As young entrepreneurs we really love the feelings of personal service and authenticity and that's what we aim to display within our brand.

We are aiming to have a Sydney store up and running soon and are aiming to get way bigger limited drops available, as we sold out so fast the last time around. Stay tuned for more awesome sneaker releases and thanks again for being part of our journey to bring the best quality luxury performance sneakers to the market.

Love from,
The AusLuxe Team + all the hugs

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