From Blending Treats to Trending Sneaks

Hey there! This is our second blog in a no doubt soon to be famous brand and now we basically don't even need spell check! Score one for us.

My name is Brett and I am co-owner of our awesome store ALT. Prior to our leap into the sneaker industry I was working loads of hours in both bar tending and warehouse work before realising (before my back gave out) that this just isn't for me. I want floating sneaker boxes, the top brands and the most trending sneakers, but how do I get that? How do I learn what the best shoes are? So I took the leap in the business and started to learn..


After several months and even some off country excursions we got to know what people like around the globe. All the while I was trying to find these amazing shoes for my stupidly large feet (size 13-14) ugh. All of this learning was imperative to know what people would cop or drop in the trending scene, speaking of trending...

We want to make our brand known worldwide and while don't get me wrong all our shoes are insanely cool! We have several AusLuxe labelled shoes for good reason. These shoes are not only our best sellers, but some of the highest quality comfortable shoes out there today! Our mens AusLuxe sneakers are killing the game and if you haven't bought or even looked at a pair I'm gonna recommend you do.

We will continue to supply you with quality shoes like our AusLuxe brand and our range is expanding daily! If your interested in buying soon use our code FIRSTBUY for 10% off your first purchase and with $20 off any second purchase now is the time!!! Keep an eye on us everyone because we are only just getting started. ;) 

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