Chargebacks and Heart Attacks


Until today we didn't even know what a chargeback was really. We've had very few refunds and usually they are due to some next level situations, as we really do try and go above and beyond with our customer service. 

So let's talk about what actually happened... So basically around a week ago we received our first order from Bali! Yay!!!! ... or so we thought. After packing the sneakers and making everything look all pretty and we not, we posted out our sneakers and updated the customer with the tracking.  

Within no time at all, the customer issued a chargeback through their bank with the reason showing 'fraudulent transaction'. So basically what happens here, is that the bank instantly reverses the transaction, which not only hits us with a bad refund but we also cop a ton of other fees. 

We basically had to pay for our sneakers to be created, pay to have them handled by our lovely team and packages, the postage costs, Stripes payment gateway fees (which also hurts our credibility with them) and finally a bank reversal penalty charge.... 

Basically we copped all of this so some greedy fuck could get a free pair of our incredible... and currently on sale (winky wink) sneakers. 


Anyways, no more sooking... we learned a few key things from this experience and guess we are happy enough that we are growing fast enough to have people out there trying to scam us. We learned exactly what a chargeback is, the process you have to go through to keep a good relationship with Stripe and now more importantly we have better systems in place for the future. 

To wrap this little blog/podcast up, we basically want to let you know that in the coming weeks we will have 100 pairs of our limited to be released sneakers available for your cop. So... if you haven't signed up to our email list already, go ahead and do that, or follow us on Insta/ Facey/ TikTok, so you don't miss out.  

Lot's of Love from the AusLuxe team and have a great weekend. PS: Podcast Below


  • @ausluxurytrends

    Hi Mick,

    Of course not, all our sneakers are still being sent out, we have no closes or restrictions to our store. Just an annoying chargeback for that one case. Thanks for tuning in and reading our blog, we hope you love your sneakers and look forward to your feedback :D

    AusLuxe Team

  • Mick

    So does this mean that my US 13 runners that I have ordered will not be coming and if so is there a refund going to go back into my account

  • Dave

    Sorry that happened to ya’ll. You guys run an awesome company and know it won’t matter in the long run anyways. Looking forward to that custom drop


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