ALT team activate! (magic fist bump)

So we are into 2020 and we whole heartedly believe that this year is the ALT year. With several hundred drops confirmed on our end and a like minded team of specialists our aim is not only to expand our business but to create a reliable, trusted brand that will dominate today's market.

Our drops are starting to become a thing... We are constantly adding more shoes and styles for you with the aim of having a store revolving around your stylistic wants and needs, but you may ask what are we doing personally outside of this incredibly rewarding business?? Well, first of all both of the owners have their own personal brand with Mackenzie focusing on positivity and mindset content and Brett with his gaming and streaming brand.

We may be two people with separate interests and personal content goals but our business aspirations align big time. With Brett's aim to move up to Sydney to work on the brand and take the next big step in ALT we feel we are going in the right direction for AusLuxuryTrends growth, but we cant do it alone.

All businesses build and grow in similar manners. With a team of experts in dedicated fields that contribute to one domination. Well global popularity is close enough anyway, but you get the deal. We are hiring content creators, affiliates, social media experts and more as we aim to create a team of like minded sneaker-heads, sales experts and ecommerce specialists. 

So continue to watch us and listen to our podcasts as with our team coming together in less than a month we will start to see some serious growth personally and as a brand and we can't wait to share that experience with you. Partially because its' rewarding, but also partially because you pay us which is also pretty dope. ALT signing out.

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