5 Summer Jackets That Will Change Your Life

5 Summer Jackets That Will Change Your Life


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Over the years, jackets have continuously played an important role not only to shelter from adverse weather but also as a powerful fashion statement. Your jacket is an important piece of your wardrobe that will make you look and feel stylish when you are out and about in the streets than indoors. When choosing the right jacket for summer, it is important to remember that your jacket doesn’t need to be as thick as winter jackets. Many jackets can also double as inner wear in the colder months. Given the extreme weather conditions in Russia, it is advisable to acquire a collection of jackets. If you like to wear a variety of styles in outfits, you may like to have a few jacket options as well. Here are a few recommendations for shopping for summer jackets.

The Milk & Honey leather jacket


The Milk & Honey leather jacket is one of the best selling jackets around the world. This is a perfect jacket for the summer with its 3/4 look, raglan sleeves and real pockets. Not only is it warm, but it’s also super durable and holds a superior level of design. This is the perfect jacket to wear when going for dates, parties or just hanging out with friends. Going for only $106, this jacket shows off Australian ingenuity and design by the amount detail that goes into it. This is the perfect jacket to add a splice of class and mystique to your summer look. It comes in three unique colors; black, cream and red, and can bode well with casual and evening wears for when you want to step out. Since this jacket is made of genuine leather, it’s advisable not to wash it so as not to cause water damage to it.

KONG Designer Fur Jackets


With the Kong Designer Fur Jacket, you are virtually invincible to the cold summer nights. This is the kind of jacket that you wear when you want to stand out. With its unique fur finish on the inside of the jacket, the KONG Designer Fur Jacket is a must have when you want to brave those cold summer nights. The jacket also comes with a hoodie meaning that your head will not freeze in the cold or burn when it’s hot outside. This jacket is available in different and unique colors including fuschia, turquoise, beige, mint, navy blue, coral red, light gray and royal blue. It can be combined with a top and pants or skirt. For only $962, you are spoilt for choice with this jacket which gives you a unique blend of style and comfort. This jacket is also easily washable and does not suffer water damage.




KONG Natural Fur Designer Jackets


If you love denim wear then you will love this jacket. Denim is not only known for its strength, durability and softness, but also for it’s uniqueness when it comes to creating a fashion statement. The Kong Natural Fur Designer Jacket is uniquely made with attention to detail to ensure comfort and at the same time not taking away from the unique style. This uniquely designed jacket gives you a combination of warmth and style with denim on the outside and fur on the inside. It’s fur finish on the inside gives you a timeless style look and is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable during cold summer evenings. The outer demin look gives you a unique sense of style and gives you a lot of options to work with. At just $962, the KONG Natural Fur Designer Jacket is a must have for any girl wishing to incorporate simplicity and sophistication in their style.

UPPERZ Bomber Streetwear Jacket


Looking at this jacket, you can appreciate the amount of detail that goes into the design. The UPPERZ Bomber Streetwear Jacket is a 3/4 cut, zipped jacket with long sleeves blends perfectly with different styles. The long sleeves on the jacket give you a classy look and it help you to protect your arms from adverse weather. It comes with real pockets on the front where you can place your phone or money. This jacket is available in black and khaki, this jacket is a fashion statement in of itself. If you want to show off your abs or that perfect tummy, this jacket goes perfectly with a tank top and pants or skirt. This is a must have for jacket lovers and only retails at $96. The UPPERZ Bomber Streetwear Jacket is the perfect jacket to rock when stepping out with friends.  You can easily wash this jacket without fear of water damage to it.

VEYL Biker Leather Jacket


The VEYL Biker Leather Jacket is a uniquely styled jacket shows off a blend of sophistication as well as subtle simplicity in its design. The amount of detail that goes into making this jacket is outstanding to say the least, in order to give the wearer confidence while wearing it. This jacket is a perfect combination with both pants and skirts and it comes with a belt that serves more than just an accessory. You can choose to wear this jacket with the belt on or off. This jacket can be work for both social gatherings and official meetings. At just $115, you can add this amazing jacket to your collection. This jacket is only available in black and since it’s leather, it’s advisable not to wash it so as not to cause damage to it.

It is important that you invest in your jacket collection for the summer. Jackets are not only long lasting but they go with almost anything in your closet. Having three to five jackets in your closet will set you up for a long time before you need to go back out shopping. Jackets have also been known to stand the test of time with most of them not going out of style for years. Visit www.ausluxurytrends.com for more items.



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